On-Site Concrete Tanks


On-site concrete tanks is what we do. We stand by our products, offering competitive pricing and guarantees.

Standard tank specs

Capacity: 22500 ltrs

Height: 2.6m

Diameter: 3.6m

Fittings: 25mm brass threaded outlet pipe and one 90 or 100mm inlet and overflow installed as part of construction.


Ready to use after 14 days curing time.

Repairs - Save that tank!


Our team have completed thousands of repair jobs all over Northland.

We pride ourselves on our success rate and have a solid reputation in the region as a result - just ask around! 

If you have an existing, but damaged tank, a repair may save you from forking out for a complete new tank - and there's not much we can't fix. Get in

touch via email with photos for a quote.

Cleaning & Maintenance


Ever had your tank cleaned? If you haven't we'll tell you some horror stories to get you interested...

Leaves from guttering get into tanks, bugs can get in...and with time that all begins to decompose into sludge and slime... YUM...

We've even found dead rodents and birds rotting away in people's tanks...even a dead possum or two...Eeek!

Generally the sludge settles to the bottom, below where your water is piped out from, but eventually it can build up high enough to come through the pipes.

We recommend getting your tank cleaned once a year to keep these issues to a minimum.

If you want to know your water supply is being taken care of without you having to lift a finger, you can sign up to our annual clean program.


Retaining or Underground Tanks


We can engineer our tanks to be buried or used as part of a retaining plan. So if you're wondering if you can put them under the driveway or to help hold the bank back - the answer is yes!

Generally we build these with the same dimensions as our standard tanks.

As these are a bit different it's best to enquire early so we can get a head start on the plans and preparations.


Custom Dimension Tanks


Our tanks are customisable - if you need one shorter or wider or taller or even something that is not round we will be able to help.


This might be the case if you want a tank built within existing constraints - like your deck or house.


Concrete Swimming Pools

Picture 011.JPG.jpg

Although not our regular gig, we have built several very attractive and customised pools over the years.


If you want something a bit different for your pool, that you can't quite seem to find in the fibreglass pop out magazine - we could be the ones to help.


Check out our project gallery for inspiration

and an idea of our creative side.


Other Custom Creations


We can turn our hand to pretty much anything concrete - so if you've asked around and can't find anyone to plaster that little wall, driveway, outdoor pond, pizza oven, bench seat, water feature, sculpture - you name it we've probably done it.


And if not, we love new challenges and working with other out of the box ideas. We like to say we have a bit of an idea about spatial/landscape design too and are happy to help with this also - check out the gallery to see what we mean!