About Us

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At Clarke Concrete - our specialty is on-site concrete water tanks.


A lot of Northlander's live rurally and rely on their own water supply - even through our very hot and dry summers - so having properly functioning water storage and adequate capacity is essential. More is better!  

Northland's landscape can also provide challenges to access and construction - challenges we are more than experienced at working with.

Northland Specialists


Quality and Problem Solving

We pride ourselves on being able to provide solutions when most others won't see a way around a problem.

We create durable, professional and aesthetic products.

Always on the lookout for innovation and improvement, our systems are constantly evolving to ensure we bring you the best.


Our Guarantee

We stand by our work, giving you a ten year guarantee on your new Clarke Concrete tank.


If anything goes wrong that we were responsible for - we will come and fix it free of charge.

All you have to do is ensure the site is prepared satisfactorily (check our FAQ's), and sign up to our annual cleaning and maintenance schedule.