Frequently Asked Questions

Everything you need to know before getting in touch or getting us on site.

What site preparations are required?

We require a 5x5m level site, prepared with 100mm of compacted brown rock or similar and 50mm of metal fines. We will need site access to get a wheel barrow through at least but more is better and able to drive to is ideal. We can bring our own power and water supply if required.

What plumbing/fittings will be installed?

One 25mm brass threaded outlet pipe and one 90 or 100mm inlet and overflow installed as part of construction.

How long should I account for?

Tank construction usually takes two full days. Boxing removed and fittings installed after 7-10 days. Cured and ready to fill after 14-21 days from construction completion.

We can't get a tank delivered - can you help?!

This is exactly what we specialise in - yes of course! As our supplies are usually delivered in a small/medium truck we can access sites with overhanging branches, steep/narrow driveways, around the back of the house through the carport...or even through your lounge!

How far do you travel?

Our main area is the mid north - from our base in Kerikeri. However we do travel as far as Ahipara to the north and Whangarei to the south. Of course travel time must be factored in and further flung locations have an added cost.

What information do I need to provide a quote?

Site description and location - photos are very helpful!

Power/water connection/supply details

Nature of the work - new tank, repair etc.

What care does my tank require?

Minimum of clean and inspection every five years - best case scenario, this would happen once yearly. Regular inspections/maintenance can pick up any issues early, and prevent bills down the line.